Majors Creek


Majors Creek NSW 2622
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The area of Majors Creek was originally occupied by the Walbinga Aboriginal People. Majors Creek is 20 kilometres from Braidwood and was settled by retired military men and their families, farming crops and grazing animals such as sheep and cattle. Convicts were used to help with the labour of the land.

Major William Sandys Elrington was granted 2650 acres upon his retirement from the Army. He was the first Magistrate in the district in 1828.

Gold was discovered in the area in 1851 and the village ‘sprung up’. The Major would have liked it to be named Elrington but Majors Creek is what was adopted. However, the hotel which was built 1856 secured his name. It burnt down and a new hotel was built in 1913 and stills stands proudly today.

St Stephens Anglican Church is a lovely specimen of the Churches built in this era. Made with local stone from the area by Peter Rusconi.

Majors Creek holds the annual Majors Creek Festival on the second weekend of November each year.

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Location Majors Creek NSW 2622

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